The project will design and implement a new anti-bullying programme in schools from 5 EU countries. It draws on the experience of existing programmes and practices originated by the project partners in different cultural contexts and will provide further evidence of effective approaches to the reduction of bullying in schools that will inform the development of improved child centred, whole school strategies for adoption at European level.
The project will build on and combine the strengths of the each of the partners previous experiences and, together with recent innovative developments in solution focused, learning behaviour methodology and strategy, it will result in a coordinated range of leadership training materials applying a child centred, whole school approach to the effective reduction of bullying in schools. The project will develop an on-line school review instrument for the monitoring of bullying and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the school organisation for the reduction of bullying. This review instrument will be used for the thorough evaluation of the programme and as an ongoing tool for schools to use in the school improvement cycle.