April, 18-20 2016

The Project Meeting was held in Sinaia (Romania) from April 18 to April20, 2016. The meeting aimed at monitoring the project and supervising training activities through an analysis of both organizational context and planning for future activities.

On the first and second days, partners met the schools involved in the project, that is -ScoalaGimnaziala (Magurele), LiceulTehnologic Auto (Ploiesti), LiceulTeoreticAurelVlaicu (Breaza) and ScoalaGimnazialaAricestiiRahtivani. Together with school leaders, teachers and students, they checked the progress achieved in reducing bullying in schools.

Participants also investigated new strategies to involve a larger number of students and parents, as well as to include the local community.

Finally, they successfully identified a wider communication and dissemination strategy for sharing results and getting a wider media coverage,so as to raise people awareness on the topic and get a wider dissemination of the project in other countries.

On the third day, five training sessions took place, led by NCfLB and aimed at gathering some ideas and advice to improve the project. In particular, the final results achieved by each involved school during the AAB project were presented and described in order to draw partners’ attention to new learning strategies of non-violent approaches.

On the fourth day, partners discussed economic and financial issues and the best ways to gather, organize, file and implement all the materials and documents produced during the project. A further fundamental point in the discussion was the necessity to report achieved results in each participating country and to publicize contents through Facebook, local newspapers and the project’s website. It was decided to organize a final conference to present the final results to the partners and the involved schools, the cultural and volunteer associations, the judiciary and the representatives of local institutions. The final meeting will be held in Caserta (Italy).