• Vincenzo Griffo and Alfonso Bonavolontà – Icaro Project Officer
  • Katja Gojkovic and Mateja Oblak - OS A.M. SLOMSKA VRHNIKA
  • Lucia Rodriguez Moreno - CECE
  • Philip Garner and Chris Gittings- NCfLB
  • Teresa Luise and Claudia Cirillo- A.N.S.I.
  • Aurel Graur - ISJP

Topics discussed:

Presentation and use of the website as an instrument of work. The final version is presented, with a description of all the section. The partners discuss how each one can contribute to the life of the website; Icaro asks to all the partners to send new material concerning the local activities so that an update can be made.

Implementation of the website through reports of all activities carried out in each country from September 2014 to May/June 2015 and links to click on to see texts and photos related to any event (Kick of meeting in Bruxelles, Kick-off meeting in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Training and Steering Committee Meeting in Northampton) and videos shared on YouTube, creation of a password-protected file archive to collect materials from any partner and a forum for facilitators.

Implementation of Basecamp as an instrument of communication among partners and a platform to upload documents with the creation of sections to organize different kind of files (videos, photos, discussions, Anti-bullying materials, etc)

Presentation of an updated budget plan and a financial report on the state of expenditures for all the project’s activities implemented from September 2014 to May/June 2015. Icaro reminds all the partners on the importance to monitor the budget in order to detect possible discrepancies or changes in due course. To this scope, Icaro asks the partners to send within one month the copies of timesheets, invoices and proofs of payment to make a first update of the budget.

Discussion is made about the next steps to be implemented in the schools, notably the training. The partners share opinions about the concrete methodology and about the criteria that shoud be followed in the selection of schools.

A common analysis of the staff and participants of the Northampton National Facilitator Training and the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting is made.

Proposals for the next Meetings:

  1. Replace Madrid with Malaga as venue of the Meeting in Spain - date 12 or 26 November 2015
  2. Organise the next Facilitators Meeting in UK - date 18/19 December 2015
  3. Replace the Meeting in Slovenia with the Meeting in Romania. The reason of this change depends on the fact that in Romania there will be an important international event co-organised by the National Agency Erasmus+. This could be an opportunity to have a first dissemination of results linking the project brand to this event and thus increasing the visibility. Finally, in this occasion high-level stakeholders and decision-makers could be informed directly - date 18 April 2016
  4. Organise the Final Steering Committee Meeting in Naples/ Caserta - date 24 July 2016