On the outskirts of Vrhnika, 20 km from the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana, there is a modern Elementary School named after Anton Martin Slomšek, which first opened its doors in September 2000. Each year, there is more and more of us and 14 years later, the school is attended by 450 children in 18 classes.

n addition to the large and well-maintained sports fields we also have an outdoor classroom, which we are particularly proud of. We also have an organic and herb garden, rockery, pond and arboretum, which have exotic trees that were planted by well-known locals and Slovenian personalities. Pupils exemplary take care for the environment around the school in the context of diverse extracurricular activities.

We are also working with the local community, especially in the fields of tourism and volunteering. Every year we organize several successful charity events and thus enables pupils to participate in various school activities. We are involved in a healthy and eco school, because we understand healthy lifestyle as one of our the most important tasks.

We are proud of excellent pupils in the science field which win the highest prizes every year, and also of excellent athletes, especially our handball players, who are currently National Champions.

The classes include modern didactic approaches and cross-curricular links during the whole day. Our school is so called the school for life, so we invite people of different generations to help us create a supportive environment for further education and life. That's how we follow our shared vision, which includes good relationships among all of the participants in the education process. Or, as Anton Martin Slomšek said: "Clever head and diligent hands are better than the wealth of golden mountains."


Our school takes care of good relationships between teachers, pupils and parents and creates supportive environment in which pupils feel safe and accepted and to gain knowledge for further education and life.

This is achieved with a professional and responsible work by strengthening partnerships with parents and by integrating modern active teaching. We want to be the school that gives pupils various different opportunities for support their learning and personal progress in accordance with their capabilities. Our school also tends to develop the need for lifelong learning in order to build independent and responsible individuals.

Values and principles

Follow our values, such as useful knowledge, acceptance of differences, ownership and non-violence. Knowledge and skills acquired in primary school. Every one of us needs to do its task to the best of their ability, because the only way we will achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. To achieve these goals we need to be an adult role models for children, in both: learning and in responsibility. We believe that our pupils will be able to develop an independent and responsible personality, which is the basis for their future live and education.


We see our mission in the fact that pupils get knowledge with modern, high-quality and innovative approach, that we encourage their need for exercise and a healthy lifestyle, that we create various activities that support pupils to become an independent, viable, critical and satisfied individuals and that we set an example in order to cultivate reverence and sincerity in their mutual relations.

The school development plan

By participating, arranging and coordinating all professionals providing for the quality education of every pupil, based on the useful knowledge, setting clear boundaries and a zero level of tolerance towards violence. More information can be found at the following link: